As an experienced, independent Caterpillar engine specialist we are able to offer you more solutions and alternatives for your Caterpillar engine overhaul, maintenance and spares.

We’ve been working with Caterpillar engines for over 10 years, and within our team, we’ve got extensive experience of what it takes to keep them running smoothly, safely and reliably.

Our experience covers the following engines:

Caterpillar G3520

Caterpillar G3516

Caterpillar D3516

Caterpillar G3512

Caterpillar D3512

Caterpillar G3508

Caterpillar D3508
Caterpillar G3406

Caterpillar D3406

Caterpillar G3408

Caterpillar D3406

Caterpillar G3412

Caterpillar D3412

Caterpillar G399
Caterpillar D399